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  • Tablature
  • Piano Roll Editor
  • Audio Ports
  • Main Window - composer

Editor review

Anvil Studio is a complete and powerful program that allows you to create or edit MIDI music files. To start with, this music format allows you to record instruments and their information in individual tracks including the notes, volume, panning, tempo, channel, and more. This is usually called a "midi sequence". With the Anvil Studio Mixer you can view, edit, and play these midi sequences. Besides, you can import WAV files, record audio tracks, and connect MIDI-enabled devices. You can use different ways to view the notes of each instrument track. With the "Composer" screen you can view and edit the notes in the sheet music or staff; you can drag and drop notes and symbols to the staff but also you can use the piano keyboard to add notes, notes can be played with the computer keyboard; you can also switch the piano keyboard to guitar frets. With the Piano-Roll Editor you can view and edit the notes of an instrument track in a Piano-Roll format. With the Tablature screen you can only view the notes. One advantage of the program is that all the options and features include help and tutorials.
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Program for multi-track recording, composing, editing, and mixing of music using MIDI, digital audio, and sampled percussions. The free version lets you record an unlimited number of MIDI tracks, one Audio track, and two sampled percussions. With the Multi-Track accessory, you can record multiple Audio tracks and sampled percussions. Audio effects include delay, pitch change, volume change, pan, filtering, and reverse. Designed to work with optional accessories such as sheet music printing, piano exercises, ear training exercises, and voice-pitch analysis.



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