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CSIpix Comparator


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3.0 June 8th, 2011


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iSYS - Intelligent System Solutions Corporation www.csipix.com


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CSIpix Comparator is a revolutionary new Digital Comparator for forensics professionals - install it right on your PC – no new hardware is required. It's a Windows-based application that allows you to open one or two images (most common image formats are compatible) for enhancement and/or comparison purposes.

Innovative synchronized zooming of side by side images and measurement tools permit you to make your decision efficiently. Printouts are easily produced at 1:1 scale, and annotation tools simplify the preparation of exhibits.

CSIpix provides standard digital image processing functions, but what's unique are the automated functions that have been written specifically for efficient processing/enhancment of forensic images, such as:
- Text Enhance (scans) - aimed at making the written text on lift scans more visible
- Automated Scaling - automatically detects a ruler in an image and determines the image scale
- Automated Levels Adjustment - auto contrast enhancement over a selected region or the entire image
- Perspective Dewarp - uses a reference ruler present in the image to perspective dewarp the image so that analysis of the evidence in the image (fingerprint, shoe print, tire track…) will be more accurate
- Color -> Greyscale - converts a color finger print image to grey scale by automatically choosing the component image with the best contrast in the region of interest



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