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Editor review

MediaDrug is a handy application that basically searches for music files on the Internet and downloads them. The program features a functional playlist manager and a nice and helpful audio player, which allows you to listen to a song even before you download it. Besides, the program allows you to download multiple songs simultaneously thanks to a “download manager” tool.

However, as soon as you run the program, it shows you an "Urgent Notification" window telling you that the program has temporary troubles with some popular tracks. Of course, this is a serious setback for MediaDrug, though I had no problems with any of the searches I tried. The program offers a modern and pleasant user interface which is divided into three sections ─ the search panel, the playlist manager, and the audio player. When you make a search, the results are presented classified in a hierarchically way. This is very useful, as the program is capable of finding not only individual songs but also entire albums.

Once you have found your desired song or album, you can drag it into the playlist area, from where – as said – you can play back your songs before actually downloading them. Actually, you can listen to your tracks even from the search panel. Of course, the program still needs to download a song to play it back, but MediaDrug manages this internally as a user-transparent process. On the other hand, when you select a song for download, this is added automatically to the list in the download manager, which runs as an extra tool on a separate window.

Finally, I will mention that the built-in audio player provides several interesting features. For example, it allows you to repeat your entire playlist indefinitely or play the songs in random order. Moreover, the player includes a helpful equalizer with a number of predefined styles, though you can also set your own levels, of course.

In short, MediaDrug allows you to search for music files and to listen or download them in a practical and funny way. Unfortunately, due to its non-existent help system, it may take you a while to find out how to download songs.
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Publisher description

MP3 music download software.

- Full-featured playlists for your convenience.
- Download albums with just one click.
- 100% Freeware, no hidden payments.

One click albums downloader.
It has never been easier to download entire mp3 albums by your favorite artists! After hearing a great song play you may want to take a closer look at the artist's work and even download their whole album. Instead of going through a long search process through search engines, use MediaDrug to handle all the dirty work for you.

100% Free music download software.
It is absolutely free to start using the program. MediaDrug is a free mp3 music software solution and it will stay that way. All future updates and new versions of the program (PC, Unix and Mac) will also be available through our website free of charge.

Full-featured mp3 playlists organizer.
If you want to create a playlist of your favorite tracks, you simply need to drag your favorite songs from the left (search) side to the right side of the player. That's it - the player is then ready! It is easy to save tracks found via MediaDrug and even whole playlists to your local drive music library using the built-in downloader.



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