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Editor review

PoiEdit is a program for managing your Places of Interest files. With it you can not only download poi files to your computer, but also transfer them to a mobile device if you wish so. The poi items can be displayed on your screen using programs such as Map Quest® or Microsoft Map Point© (version 2004 only). You only need to connect your ActiveSync or other generic USB device or drive to your desktop PC.

The user interface is nice and easy to use. A significant advantage is that the pois can be updated in any supported file format regardless of the file format the site of the update uses. Updates for the poi files can be done with one click of the mouse from special auto update sites to your desktop computer or Mobile device (Smartphone/Pocket PC).

Poi files are used the world over but in this program automatic poi updates are from European countries like France, Netherlands, Spain, UK, etc. The program has multilanguage support. PoiEdit supports English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Italian languages.

There is also a multiple batch converter, which can convert multiple poi files instantly to another format or merge them together.

The program is fully integrated with Windows -you can drag and drop files from Windows or open the poi files just by double-clicking on them.

The program is shareware and supports Windows XP and Windows Vista.
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Publisher description

PoiEdit is a shareware program that manages all of your poi (places of interest) files from your desktop PC and saves/loads them to/from your Mobile Device. PoiEdit also enables you to download a vast range of poi files from the most uses poi sides in e.g. the UK, Netherlands, France.
Save, load, convert and edit poi files for TomTom Navigator, Garmin, Smartpath, Destinator, Navman*, GPX compatible software, Excel etc...
Look at this compatibility matrix for more info about the supported formats and applications.
Schrijf, lees, converteer en wijzig poi bestanden van o.a. TomTom Navigator, Garmin, Smartpath, Destinator, Navman*, GPX software, Excel etc...
Kijk op dit compatibiliteits matrix voor uitgebreide informatie over de ondersteunde formaten en toepassingen.
Updates, with just one click, poi's from the special AutoUpdate Sites like flitspaal.nl or Tankgids.nl to your desktop computer or Mobile Device (Pocket PC/Smart Phone)
Synchroniseer, met slechts ëën klik, poi's vanaf de speciale AutoUpdate Sites, zoals flitspaal.nl en Tankgids.nl, naar je PC, mobiel of PDA.
Use Pocket PoiEdit to synchronize your poi's when you're on the road.
Gebruik Pocket PoiEdit om onderweg je poi's the synchroniseren.
Edit poi's which are stored both on the desktop and the mobile device
Wijzig poi's die zowel op de PC als op de mobiel of PDA staan
Display poi items on the integrated map viewer, on Toon poi plaatsen op de geïntegreerde plattegrond of op MapQuest® or in of op Microsoft MapPoint© (version 2004 only). You can also add your own maps. (enkel versie 2004). U kunt ook uw eigen plattegronden toevoegen.
Batch convert and append poi files.
In één keer meerdere poi bestanden converteren en samenvoegen.
All features... Alle mogelijkheden...



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